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Large Work '08-'09


Collaborative Pieces

created by

North Arts Magnet Students


September -- October 2009







Shelter, Lost and Found




What constitutes shelter?  Is it a house?  A roof over your head?  Your own space?  These are questions students in the 2008-2009, 7th grade Arts Magnet grappled with in the spring of 2009.  What they found after some primary source research via Ms. Brandi Schroeder, Associate Director of Samaritan House, a women and children's shelter was:  Shelter is a much more complex issue that just boards, shingle, and bricks.  The sculpture/installation "Shelter: Lost & Found" is their response to the issue.


Post Script:  This particular work will be installed in a public (exterior) location.  We will photograph, record, and write about its gradual degradation throughout the 2009-2020 school year.  We will likewise continue to bring in experts on the subject of shelter into our classroom, deepening students' understanding of "Shelter, Lost and Found."








The Art of Reading

A large-scale, permanent work by the

North Arts Magnet

2008-2009 7th Grade Class




This exciting, exuberant work of art, celebrating the gift of the written word, is the result of “collaboration.”


Teachers in the curricular areas of Visual Art and Language Arts collaborated to give students knowledge, tools, process, and insight towards realizing their ideas.


Community agency leaders collaborated with students providing them with a sense of purpose and relevance to drive the creation of this work.  Artist Alan Deorio along with Art and Carol Ginter brought their very special “methods for making” to  the collaboration.


Students working in small groups exchanged writings, concepts, designs, and skills, collaborating on each of the work’s eight vertical panels.


Finally, the complete, guild-like, ensemble assembled “The Art of Reading.”












Breathtaking Wounds


In memory of Elizabeth "Liesl" Sondheimer. . . .a survivor.


A ten-part image and text exhibition/installation

which speaks to the Holocaust.

Created by the Lima North Arts Magnet 5th and 6th grade

Language Arts and Visual Art classes.




This evocative, thematic work of art consists of ten free-standing, gate-like structures arranged in sequence.  Each gate supports a 24 x 36 inch student-designed and commercially-produced poster.


Each poster combines archival, visual images with text phrases to create a graphic statement.  These "visual statements" are students' responses to their extensive readings, writings, and research on issues surrounding the Holocaust.


Students and teachers collaborated with Mr. Michael Frueh, graphic artist and owner of Longmeier Printing, to develop and create each poster.  With Mr. Frueh's  expertise and the assistance of his graphic arts team, students were able to realize this intensely thoughtful image series.


In addition, this work includes a "soundscape", created by students with the help and expertise of Mr. Mark Hauenstein, musician and producer.  Student voices echo phrases which were gleaned from their reading and these were used as the genesis for the work.