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A Fine Craft Invitational


August 7  -  September 10, 2011


Opening Reception

Sunday, August 7, 2:00 - 4:00 pm




The finest fine craftsmen and craftswomen in the area

come together for a unique exhibit in the Ellen Nelson Gallery:

jewelry, woodworking, metalwork, origami, ceramics, and fabric

with works by



Mary Ainsworth
Sharon Hammer Baker
Michael Bendele
Kaye Boiarski
Bruce Chesser
Ed Corle
Judy Decker
Jack Earl
Jodi Knoch
Mike Kozumplik
Kim Leopold
Gregg Luginbuhl
Robert Minto
Yasue Sakaoka

Luke Sheets
Robert Spurgeon
Tom Stewart






In the Ellen Nelson Gallery

A Preview











Mary Jo Knoch

Flower Child

Wool Rovings





Yasue Sakaoka

Imitations of flight

Folded Paper










Jack Earl

Female, Afternoon, Container

Ceramic, Oil Paint, Varnish






Luke Sheets


Wood-fired Stoneware














Sharon Hammer Baker

April Valley

Four-selvage Suit Tapestry, Wool,

Cotton, Rayon on Cotton Warp





Gregg Luginbuhl

Tree Bowl












Ed Corle

Large Wave Pot







Bob Spurgeon

Coffee Table














Michael Bendele

Easel with Fins -- Forged Steel

Side of Fish -- Copper Repousee






Tom Stewart


Wood Sculpture












Kaye Boiardi

Green-Eyed Mask

Paper, Cardboard, Glass Eyes






Kim Leopold

Three-piece Set

Ceramic, Shell, Glass, Copper












Mary Ainsworth


Feldspar, Moonstone, Quartz, Sterling Silver


Mike Kozumplik

The Birth of a Galaxy

Sterling Silver, 14K Gold, Pearls

Love Birds

Sterling Silver, 14K Gold, Bronze, Pearls




Judy Decker

I Will Always be Richer

Tibetan Silver Repousee, Beads, Coin


What a Catch

Carved Bone, Silver, Amber, Shell












Bob Minto

Lidded Container








Bruce Chesser

Covered Jar