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In the ArtZone Gallery




Beth Basista

"Natural Perspectives" 





Reception for the artist

Saturday, December 8, 2007

3:00 - 5:00 p.m.





The Photographer on Site

Photograph by Brynne Morrice





I began photography about 7 years ago in order to share the beauty of the places that I hiked to.  I love the wilderness areas and wanted to bring their natural splendor into our everyday lives. Hiking immerses me in these wild places and enables the search for images that can hold their essence. Extremes in weather provide challenging, but unique, lighting and atmospheric conditions with compositional opportunities to create specific moods in images.  I also look for strong lines, prevalent textures, and vibrant colors in compositions. Some of my favorite places to explore include the Canadian Rockies and the desert Southwest.  At home in Ohio, I seek the natural beauty that exists between the developed areas.  I am primarily a natural landscape photographer, although I am expanding into other kinds of images.  I do my own printing, mounting, and framing to ensure quality artwork at a reasonable cost.

I hope that these images bring to you some of the beauty that I have been fortunate enough to experience and express my deep appreciation for our rapidly disappearing natural areas.

--Beth Basista

Piqua, Ohio


"River Mist"


The Photographer on Site
Photograph by Brynne Morrice


"Suspended Fall"


"Hemlock Path"



"Morning in the Columbia Icefields"



"Bear Creek Falls"


The Photographer on Site

Photograph by Brynne Morrice