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at St. Rita's


October 1-December 30


About the Artists




Neptune Hot Glass






Marge Brandt




Neptune Hot Glass is a small company owned and operated by two dedicated artists who create solid glass sculptures with oceanic themes.


Collette Fortin and Berry Davis us various types of glass and precious metals to build hundreds of small aquatic parts, assembled at 10000 F on the end of a solid steel rod, then dipped into clear glass at 20000 F. 


Devoted to the preservation of the oceans and oceanic life, Collette and Berry hope that their work reminds people of the vanishing beauty beneath the waves.

Marge Brandt is a long-time resident of Wapakoneta, known throughout the area for her watercolors of still life, natural scenes, the "monuments" of Ohio rural life -- like barns and one-room schoolhouses.


She has recently broken "out of the box," in her words, and begun to produce the free-flowing, abstract expressionist works as seen below.  Mostly in acrylics, these works show another side of the artist -- the freer side, interested in the liberation of the paint to do what it does.



In the Mezzanine Gallery






Brandt: Defiance Trail Barn


Brandt: Tree Planted by Rivers of Waters



Neptune: Lagoon I


Neptune: Coral Head II



Brandt: A Bright Fall Day  

Brandt: Agapa





 Neptune: Treasure Window X


Brandt: Up and Adam  

Brandt:  Besame Mucho



Neptune (Photo by Ruth Ann Sturgill)  

Neptune (Photo by Ruth Ann Sturgill)