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65-67 Town Square        Lima, OH 45801        419-222-1721           artspacelima@woh.rr.com




























Sweet Snow

Oil on canvas





Chun Arthur Wang:

The Other Side of the Earth





June 14 - July 27


Reception for the Artist,

Saturday, June 22,

6:30 - 8:30 pm.


Mr. Wang will present a gallery talk about his work.










About Chun Arthur Wang


Mr. Wang is Associate Professor in the Division of Fine Arts at Columbus College of Art & Design. He received his formal education in both China and the United States where he graduated with his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His paintings have been exhibited in China, the United States, Chile, Japan, Mexico and Spain. Many of his works are held in private and public collections, including the China National Museum of Fine Arts in Beijing, University of Colorado and Ohio State House. He is the recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.







"My works reflect my personal recollection of rural life and traveling experience in the ethnic minority areas of China. Some of my paintings capture a brief moment from sensitive observation; others re-create poetized scenes from fantasy to achieve a dreamy world of peace and contentment. My focus is on the lives and sentiments of ordinary country people as a symbol of both the values of culture and a pristine environment- a sharp contrast to present day urban China.


With my education and live experience in both the East and the West, I explore cultural hybrids in my artwork. I investigate an oriental mood through combining Western oil language with the influences of Buddhist and Chinese folk art. My work also absorbs many Chinese art concepts and themes such as subjective color, geometric forms, reorganized linear qualities, and decorative patterns."   












In the Ellen Nelson Gallery

A Sampler












Oil on canvas




Still in my Dream

Oil on canvas






White Horse

Oil on canvas








Life Journey

Oil on canvas








Lijang River

Oil on canvas