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In the St. Rita's Mezzanine Gallery







Laura Corle and Ed Corle

Paintings and Pots


April -- June 2010








Reception for the Artists

Wednesday, May 5, 5:00--700 pm

St. Rita's Mezzanine Terrace









Paintings by Laura Corle






















Pots by Ed Corle






















Artists' Statements






Ed Corle




Laura Corle






Ed Corle is an Associate Professor of Art at The University of Findlay where he teaches ceramics, sculpture and three-dimensional design. He has been with the University of Findlay since 1986. Corle attended Ohio Northern University and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1974.  He also attended Rochester Institute of Technology School for the American Craftsmen and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1982.  He enjoys exhibiting functional hand-thrown pots.

He has participated in many art shows including the Toledo Art Museum's area artist exhibition. In addition, he participates in area art fairs and festivals such as the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair and The Black Swamp Arts Festival.  He is a member of the Findlay Art League, The Michigan Guild and Ohio Designer Craftsmen.



My paintings begin with an experience of connections to a place.  This occurs when angles and light, breezes, temperature, humidity, and even scents join forces with the site, revealing textures and detail: characteristics of use and wear, and faded beauty.  The sites for painting include fields of horses or livestock, barns, and empty houses of rural Ohio being reclaimed by nature through the passage of time.


The sense of having been there -- remembering the smells and sounds, the brush of grass, the echo of a hoof in a barn -- affects my conscious and unconscious choices.  Which transparent watercolors should I combine with which opaque gouaches, to enable viewers to fall into the scene in a three-dimensioned way.


My process is distinguished from pure photo-realism because it allows for transmission of the perceived image of experience from mind to heart to brush.