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Opening Reception Sunday, June 12, 2:00 - 4:00 pm





Artist's Statement







This exhibit includes works produced over a span of 45 years, is varied in media, subject and somewhat in expressive approach. Hopefully, viewers will see the connecting constants shared by the works in the exhibit. The pieces are based on drawing investigations of personally and directly experienced natural objects, events or phenomena. All feature a strong sense of gesture, stance or movement which may both describe a reality and function as a formal unifying force.

The observed movements and shapes may be stretched into more fanciful forms but I have been assured by a water biologist friend that he has seen many of my fanciful forms under his microscope. In much of the work, tactile elements are emphasized and add to the sense of movement.

The work has never been about trying on a style of art or following the art market. It has been about synthesizing life experiences in a visually compelling way.

I am grateful to my parents for making sure I was in touch with the natural world through travel, living in rural areas and making sure I swam in many different water environments.

I am also grateful to my close and extended family, friends, teachers and colleagues who have added to those understandings and have been interested in and supportive of the art making.

Judith Greavu






In the Ellen Nelson Gallery

Opening Reception


Photos by Brit Rowe

Chair of the Department of Art and Design

Ohio Northern University





































































































In the Ellen Nelson Gallery












Eels Checking the Ozone Layer





Tidal Pool 2









Dance for Osiris






Tidal Forces 4










Cool Pursuit






Winged Egg















Judith Greavu discusses her work in a video by

Kathleen and Gregg Phipps.

Click Judy Greavu.wmv























For a printable copy of the catalogue for

Judith Greavu: 

A Retrospective















For more images of Judith Greavu sculpture,


please visit her website at








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