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Ohio Printmakers



June 16  -  July 28


Opening Reception

Saturday, June 16

6:30-8:30 pm







In the Ellen Nelson Gallery





Janet Ballweg





Janet Ballweg

Navigating the Edge, 2012.

Screen Print,

10” x 8”





Jaye Bumbaugh




Jaye Bumbaugh

Crows Playing with Frogs, 2012.

Linocut, 36” x 72”




Benjy Davies





Benjy Davies

My Beautiful Mother, 2010.

Lithograph, 16” x 20”.






Angie Jones




Angie Jones

Birds, 2012.

Altered Book Monoprint, Collage, Assemblage,

6” x 9.5” x 1.5”






Timothy Albon



Timothy Albon

The Yard, 2011.

Intaglio, 18” x 24”





Lauren Bagley



Lauren Bagley

Deep in the Rainforest, 2011.

Etching, 8” x 10”





Douglas Fiely



Douglas Fiely

Mistresses, 2011.

Three-plate copper intaglio, hand-painted,

12” x 18”





Craig Fisher



Craig V. Fisher

Hydroponic Repose, 2011.

Aquatint, Chine collé, 32” x 24.5”





Melissa Haviland



Melissa Haviland

Favorites (David), 2012.

 Screenprint & Graphite Drawing,

12”  X 18 ½”






Joseph Karlovec



Joseph Karlovec

Fashionably Late, 2011.

Xylene transfer collage, 24”  x 30”






Russ Revock



Russ Revock

Punishing Circus Disturbance, 2011.

Etching and aquatint, 5” x 7”






Amanda Rouse



Amanda Rouse

Spaghetti Rain, 2012.

Monoprint, 19 x 27






Catherine Rozmarynowycz



Catherine Rozmarynowycz

The Flightless Body, 2011.

Etching and Aquatint, 2.5”  x 3.5”






Heather Sandy



Heather Sandy

Transparent Vase, Graduation, 2011.

Monotype, 28” x 35”






Philip Sugden



Philip Sugden

Voyage, 2011

Oil ink etching, 12”  x 18






Abigail Wright



Abigail Wright

Love, 2012.

Woodcut, 11”  x 15”











Jurors' Statements








I am delighted to say that based on the quality of images I juried,  Printmaking is alive and well in Ohio!    I have been  disappointed  by shows where one process seemed to dominate the body of work—possibly because of ease of process or availability of equipment.    However,  it quickly became  apparent that all the areas were represented by an extremely high  technical  level of achievement.


For me the most exciting part of this show is the range of ideas explored  and the passion behind the sharing of each artist’s  imagery.    Some  share their love  and control of process,  others develop a personal iconography  with a juxtaposition of  images and hidden meanings.   The work is so compelling that it draws us in for deeper reflection and understanding.    Every  image  employs a strong sense of composition—the  simple placement of an object or  the shape and direction of a cast shadow or  the development of a contrasting shape of value  can  cause  the eye to pause and    reinforce   the very meaning and excitement  of the image.   Just for fun, try holding your hand before your eyes and blocking out a part of an image.   A beautifully composed image will quickly feel incomplete and even violated by your gesture.   Another  strength in this exhibit  is the understanding of the importance of pattern  on many levels—the repeated use of images  making them a  motif,  the development of related color and textural patterns that support the image,  or the development of closed value patterns  that  reveal the subject’s edges by way of contrast. 


Other  areas that I found exciting were those  images that explored the relationship of positive/negative  or developed  clear patterns of value that moved across the subject not confined to the  outline of the image.  Those images invited the viewer to investigate two levels of meaning—the pattern and placement of the subject and the movement of the light and dark shapes which create a completely different  pattern.     In addition there are examples of  images that use two dimensional  images  in a  three dimensional  setting.   They are presented   in the form of bookmaking.  


 I think there will be something  in this exhibit that will amaze and delight  each of us with the technical skill of the development of the image  or the mystery  of the presentation.    


Included in this show are:   1) intaglio images which are developed below the surface by  etching metal or scratching  plastic plates.     The surface is inked and the high areas wiped clean before a press forces the  paper into the crevasses  to reveal the image;  2) relief prints which are cut into wood, linoleum, or plastic and develop white or black marks.   Ink is applied to the raised areas  and the impression taken by rubbing the back of the paper with a wooden spoon or using a press;  3) lithography which is a process based on water and oil’s inability to mix.  A stone or treated plate receives an oil-based drawing.   The image is  printed by wiping  with a damped sponge,   rolling an oil-based ink on the image, and  running  the litho stone and paper through a litho press;  4) screen images  which are created by forcing ink through silk, sometimes  called  serigraphy or silk-screening.  The image is developed by blocking part of the screen to create a stencil effect;  5)   collagraph  images which are developed using collage techniques   to apply  textures and various materials to a substrate.   The image can then be printed as an intaglio or as a relief;  6)  monotypes or monoprints  which, as the name implies, are singular images not meant for editions.   They are created   by painting in the image directly on a Plexiglas surface before printing  or by covering the entire surface with ink and wiping areas away to establish the image.   Printing can be done using a spoon or press;  7) combination prints where the various techniques are appropriately wed—like  an intaglio print using relief  printing for areas of color or special textures  created by using  inkless areas of blind embossing.


David Cayton

Professor of Art Emeritus

Bowling Green State University



Printmaking roots are deep in the Midwest and the work represented in this exhibition proves that Ohio is an important contributor to printmaking’s foundation in America.  The variety of prints submitted was outstanding, including intaglio, relief, lithography, screenprinting, bookmaking and a combination thereof.  Each work demonstrates expertise in printmaking technique, in addition to each artist’s ability to utilize these methods to enhance their personal aesthetics and concepts.  It was an honor to sit in as one of this year’s jurors and review my fellow Ohio Printmakers’ works alongside legendary Ohio printmaker David Cayton.  The printed works we selected for this exhibition represent some of the Buckeye State’s finest printmaking artists. 


Joseph D’Uva

Assistant Professor and Printmaking Area Coordinator

Youngstown State University

Youngstown, OH







     June 16-July 28:  Hand-Pulled: Ohio Printmakers



For a printable copy of the Gallery Guide

in pdf format, click


HAND-PULLED 2012\Gallery Guide.pdf







Press Release






65-67 town square

lima, ohio 45801


 For Immediate Release

Contact:        Bill Sullivan, Operations Manager

                      ArtSpace/Lima - 419-222-1721; artspacelima@woh.rr.com



JUNE 16 - JULY 28

June 5, 2012, Lima, Ohio:  ArtSpace/Lima will mount the special exhibit, Hand-Pulled: Ohio Printmakers opening on Saturday, June 16, 2012, with a public reception for the artists and their friends from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Ellen Nelson Gallery.

            Hand-Pulled: Ohio Printmakers entries were solicited from any Ohio artist working in traditional print-making media.  The show, which includes 32 works by 18 printmakers, will feature a wide variety of print media, including intaglio, wood, linoleum, and plastic reliefs, lithographs, silk-screen prints, collographs, and monoprints. 

            Featured artists are Timothy Albon, Lauren Bagley, Janet Ballweg, Jaye Bumbaugh, Benjy Davies, Douglas Fiely, Craig Fisher, Jon Gaberdiel, Steve Garst, Melissa Haviland, Angie Jones, Joseph Karlovec, Russ Revock, Amanda Rouse, Catherine Rozmarynowycz, Heather Sandy, Philip Sugden, and Abigail Wright.

            Jurors for the Hand-Pulled: Ohio Printmakers are David Cayton, Professor of Art Emeritus, Bowling Green State University, and Joseph D’Uva, Assistant Professor and Printmaking Area Coordinator, Youngstown State University.

            A highlight of the opening reception will be the announcement and awarding of prizes, including Best of Show ($500), First Award, Second Award, and Third Award.  Awards will be presented at 7:15 pm.

ArtSpace/Lima is a not-for-profit arts organization with a mission to promote the arts in northwest Ohio and to provide artists with a venue to present and to sell their work.   ArtSpace/Lima is supported in part by a grant from the Ohio Arts Council.  For further information on Hand-Pulled: Ohio Printmakers or for information regarding other ArtSpace/Lima programs, please call Bill Sullivan, Operations Manager, at ArtSpace/Lima 419-222-1721.

































Eligibility and Requirements

Any artist 18 or older who is a resident of Ohio is eligible to participate.  Artists may submit up to three pieces.  Work must incorporate at least one hand-pulled printmaking process.  Mixed media and 3D works are welcome.  No digital prints or photographs.  Works must have been completed within the last two years and not previously exhibited at ArtSpace/Lima.  All work must be properly presented (i.e. framed, matted, wired).  No sawtooth hangers.


Entry Fee

There is a non-refundable entry fee of $25.00 for ArtSpace/Lima members and $30.00 for non-members.  Cash or checks made payable to ArtSpace/Lima are acceptable.


Entry Procedure

All entries must be submitted on CD.   The image files must be in JPEG format, 72 dpi, and no larger than 1200 pixels in any direction.  Files should be approximately 1MB in size.  All entry files must be named with artist's last name (underscore) first name (underscore) entry number as noted on the entry form:

Example:  Smith_Julie_1.jpg

Please include your entry form, CD, entry fee and SASE if you wish to have your CD returned.  Entries must be postmarked on or before April 7, 2012 and sent to: ArtSpace/Lima, 65/67 Town Square, Lima, OH  45801.


Judging and Notification of Entry

The jurors for Hand-Pulled: Ohio Printmakers will be David Cayton, Professor Emeritus of Art, Bowling Green State University and Joe D’Uva, Assistant Professor of Art, Youngstown State University.  Artists will be notified of their entry status on or around May 1, 2012.  Please indicate your preferred method of contact on your entry form.  If you wish to be contacted my mail, please include a SASE with your entry.  ArtSpace reserves the right to reproduce any artwork for the purposes of publicity or documentation. 



Best of Show -- $500.00

Additional Awards totaling $700.00



ArtSpace/Lima will deduct a 30% commission on all sales made during the exhibition.  Artwork must be priced accordingly.  If your artwork is not for sale (NFS), please indicate an insurance value or the work will not be insured while on exhibit.



ArtSpace/Lima will take all possible care in handling of entries, but shall not be held responsible for loss or damage of works in transit. 


Delivery of Work

Artists are responsible for the delivery of accepted work.  Hand delivery of accepted work will take place during normal business hours from May 29 through June 2, 2012.  Business hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10:00am-5:00pm and Saturday from 10:00am-2:00pm.   Shipped work must arrive by Saturday, June 2, 2012 and include return postage.  Entries can be delivered or shipped to:  ArtSpace/Lima, 65/67 Town Square, Lima, OH  45801.  Any other time of delivery must be approved in advance by ArtSpace/Lima:  419-222-1721.


Pick up and Return of Work

Accepted work may be picked up during normal business hours during the week of July 31, 2012.  Remember to include return postage for work that is shipped.




Deadline:  Entries must be postmarked on or before April 7, 2012

Notification of Acceptance:  on or around May 1, 2012

Delivery of Work:  May 29 - June 2, 2012 (last week of May)

Show Dates:  June 16 - July 28, 2012

Opening Reception:  June 16, 2012

Pick-up of Accepted Work: July 31 - August 4, 2012






Entry Form

Name: _______________________________________


Address:  _____________________________________


City, State, Zip:  _______________________________


Phone Number:  _______________________________


Email:  ______________________________________


Preferred method of contact (circle one):  US Mail     Email     Phone












Entry #1

Title: __________________________________

Medium:  _______________________________

Size:  __________________________________

Date:  __________________________________

Price/Insurance Value: _____________________



Entry #2

Title: __________________________________

Medium:  _______________________________

Size:  __________________________________

Date:  __________________________________

Price/Insurance Value: _____________________



Entry #3

Title: __________________________________

Medium:  _______________________________

Size:  __________________________________

Date:  __________________________________

Price/Insurance Value: ____________________












For a printable Prospectus in pdf format,

please click HAND-PULLED 2012\Prospectus.pdf