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The Heritage of India



Thanks to the generosity of many collectors, who have loaned us works for the occasion, ArtSpace is proud to present an exhibition of sculpture, paintings, wall hangings, jewelry, screens, and banners, all celebrating the rich and diverse heritage of India.  The exhibit has been mounted in connection with the upcoming Bhangre di Mefhil, Saturday, October 23, at the Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center.  There will be a Soup and Salad Lecture devoted to the exhibit at ArtSpace on Thursday, October 7, by Nutan Behal.  Please see Now This 09-29.htm for details.

























Photo by Kathleen Phipps










The Invincible Creative Feminine












Ganesh Ji

Remover of Obstacles




Ganesh Ji

Remover of Obstacles

Portrait in rose petals











Goddess of Prosperity and Beauty




Ornamental Urn












Carved Box






Miniature Screen

Mogul Emperors and Empresses












National Bird of India

Wall Hanging





Ganesh Ji

Hand-painted Banner











Turbans of India 1




Turbans of India 2















Radha and Lord Krishna

Painting from west India





The Invincible Creative Feminine











Musical Instruments

Sitar, Harmonium, Drum




Wall Plate

Images of Lakshmi











Painting on Raw Silk

from Ladakh/Northern India




Ganesh Ji

Wall relief













Turbans of India 3





Turbans of India 4