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John Wade III

 Outsider Art

August 2 - September 10







Reception for the Artist

Saturday, August 6

1:00 - 3:00 pm





John was born in Evansville, Indiana and moved to Ft. Wayne as a child.  He currently works at a machinist but he has always been an artist, having studied art in the public school system and participated in several scholastic art competitions.  He has continued his training by studying the abstract, post-modernism styles of both Black American and European artists.  He has had many one person and group shows in Indiana and Ohio and is in private collections in the United States and Canada.  John works primarily on paper with acrylics and sometimes on canvas.  The inspiration for his work is what he sees around him, simple life events that he depicts with a colorful palette.  He enjoys cartoons and his work, without the balloon captions, has the same story telling attributes.  This is partially achieved by how the size of the main elements of a painting relate, or do not relate to each other.  One figure may appear to be much larger, thus commanding more importance.  Their positioning is also critical. When his paintings include people, they have a universality to their appearance, a blend of all the cultures of the world which means that all of us can relate to the stories he tells.  John's work was recently exhibited at the Toledo Museum of Art and Owens Community College in Toledo.


from Artistic Spirit: A Gallery with Vision






John Wade III

 Outsider Art

A Preview











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Stray Dogs (2008)