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February 29 -- April 12, 2008


Opening Reception

February 29

6:00-9:00 p.m.


















First Place Mixed Media

Lydia Schimpf

Ada High School

Falling Girls

Mixed Media

















First Place in Entry Categories







Ashlee Mays

Ada High School

Me Hanging Upside Down

First Place Painting


Kori Anderson

Shawnee High School


First Place Jewelry

Kori Anderson

Shawnee High School


First Place Printmaking




Joe Reid

Ada High School

The Joe Show

First Place Sculpture


Brad Kimmet

Ottoville High School


First Place Drawing

Christine Hartzog

Shawnee High School

The Circle of Life

First Place Ceramics







James Hurt

Apollo Career Center


First Place Photography








Jurors' Statements



"Creative vision, personal expression, and technical aspirations are all important factors in images/objects that we selected.  We looked for technical 'aspirations' rather than technical prowess because we took into strong consideration that the high school age group is growing in skills. With that in mind we looked for ideas and energy in the works."


Brooke Hunter-Lombardi

Adjunct Faculty

Columbus School of Art and Design

Columbus, Ohio




"Personally, I look for students with a voice/originality with some technical ability.  I tend to shy away from works that try to exhibit only technical ability."


Max Meyer

Curator, Children and Family Programs

Fort Wayne Museum of Art







Participating High Schools and Art Teachers




Ada, Gary Wells

Allen East, Kelly Massillo

Apollo, Peggy Miller

Bath, Mary Lou Schepp

Bluffton, Vickie Garmon

Delphos Jefferson, Beth von der Embse

Delphos St. John’s, Kathy Fought

Elida, Martha Sackett

Fort Jennings, Joy Noriega

Hardin Northern, Jessica Wilson




Lima Senior, Multiple Intelligences, Bill Millmine

Lima Senior, Progressive Academy, Kristen Lee

Lincolnview, Kay Wilus

New Knoxville, Sharon Wittler

Ottoville, Cory Boecker

Pandora-Gilboa, Mark Williams

Parkway, Ed Kuhn

Perry, Herb Lauer

Shawnee, Joseph Bonifas and Brian Krawezke

Waynesfield-Goshen, Rebecca Dotson







Drop-off Dates

February 20-22, 10am -5pm and

February 23, 10am-2pm.









Kewpee High School Invitational

February 29, 2008- April 12, 2008



Dear High School Art Teachers,


ArtSpace/Lima in conjunction with Kewpee Hamburgers is pleased to announce the 20th annual Kewpee High School Art Invitational.  This exhibition is a much anticipated show and we are looking forward to showcasing the talents of our area's up-and-coming artists.


The categories will be the same as in years past: painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media and jewelry.  First, second and third place awards will be given in each category in addition to a best in show award. 


We are asking that you, as art teachers, self jury your school's pieces before bringing them to ArtSpace.  We are looking for the "best of the best" and we have two accomplished and recognized judges jurying the exhibition this year: Max Meyer, Curator of Children and Family Programs of the Ft. Wayne Museum and Brooke Hunter-Lombardi, Education Outreach Coordinator of the Columbus College of Art & Design.  When submitting work, please do not bring every piece produced by your students as the show has grown tremendously over the years and your pre-judging will help us keep the quality of the show high while helping to reduce the sheer volume of intake.


Drop off dates for the works will be February 20-22, 10am -5pm and February 23, 10am-2pm.  Please have your

pieces separated by category to ease the intake process.  In addition to having each piece marked with appropriate

tags (available at ArtSpace), please email a spreadsheet of the works your school is submitting to Vanessa

Damschroder at vanessa@artspacelima.com.  This spreadsheet will be emailed (or faxed) back to you with the

winning pieces from your school highlighted. This process is intended to expedite the time in which you learn of

accepted works for the show as well as assist with labeling the artwork.    A sample spreadsheet is enclosed.  You

will hear from us via email or fax with the show’s accepted works no later than noon on Thursday, February 28th.    


Please consult the sheet below for further information.  Also, please be certain you have completed the enclosed entry form for your school.  Should you have additional questions, contact ArtSpace/Lima at (419) 222-1721.


Thank you for participating in this year's Kewpee Invitational.   Best of luck to you and your students.





Brett Shingledecker

Executive Director




Kewpee High School Art Invitational


February 29-April 12, 2008



Eligibility and Requirements

Artists must be enrolled in 9-12th grade within Lima's surrounding counties.  Work must be original and completed in the last two years and not shown previously at ArtSpace/Lima.  Students may enter one piece in each of the seven categories.  All work must be ready to hang or display, mounted, matted or framed.



The eight categories are as follows: painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media and jewelry.


Entry Information

Registration & Intake:

                                                Wednesday, February 20: 10am-5pm

                                                Thursday, February 21: 10am-5pm

                                                 Friday, February 22:  10am-5pm

                                                 Saturday, February 23: 10am-2pm

                                    *Please have pieces separated by category for ease of intake


Judging:                                    Tuesday, February 26

Notification:                              Thursday, February 28th by 12:00pm

Reception:                                Friday, February 29, 6pm

Show dates:                              February 29-April 12, 2008


Return of Entries:                      Rejected entries -- anytime during ArtSpace/Lima regular business hours

                                                Accepted entries -- anytime during ArtSpace/Lima hours after April 12th.


Labeling and Categorizing

Each piece is required to have a tag affixed.  (Tags & Entry forms are available at ArtSpace.)  In addition, a copy of each entry form needs to be submitted to ArtSpace/Lima along with an emailed spreadsheet, per school, summarizing all artists, their works, the price and the category in which they are submitting to Vanessa Damschroder at vanessa@artspacelima.com.  This spreadsheet will be emailed or faxed back to the high school contact indicated the pieces that have been accepted.  (Sample enclosed.)



Students may wish to offer their works for sale.  Sales will be handled by ArtSpace/Lima and a 30% commission will be charged.  Works not priced on entry form will be listed as Not For Sale (NFS). 



Best in Show: $100

(Per Category) First Place: $50

Second Place: $25

Third Place: $15



This is a juried exhibition; entry does not guarantee exhibit.  The judges for this year's show are Max Meyer, Curator of Children and Family Programs of the Ft. Wayne Museum and Brooke Hunter-Lombardi, Education Outreach Coordinator of the Columbus College of Art & Design. 



Kewpee Invitational 2008
School Entry Form


Instructor/Contact Person:_______________________________________
Phone Number:__________________________________
Fax Number:____________________________________
Best time to contact you:___________________________
Email Address:__________________________________
Total number of pieces being entered by your school:_________________
Number of students participating:_____________

□ Fax me the acceptance results
□ Email me the acceptance results

* Don't forget to email your spreadsheet to Vanessa Damschroder at vanessa@artspacelima.com


Sample Spreadsheet

 Advantage High School






John Strong



Sleeping Bear


John Strong



Walk with me


John Strong


Mixed Media



Tara Evans





Samantha Tone



Night Shadows


Samantha Tone



Blue Melody


Tom Turner