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In The ArtZone Gallery


Brandon Knott/Pottery

Alice Schneider/Photography


August 1--September 11






Alice Schneider


















Bride of Neptune





Unseen Details



















Main Street Window






No Bad Days



























Marshall Point Lighthouse





Waiting for Service


























Cades Cove S.M.N.P.





California Graffiti Abstract
























Classic Red and White





Getting the Shot
























Grand Lake St. Mary's






Alice Schneider

Artist's Statement





Girl with a camera. I started photography when I got out of college and continued off and on through the years. Family and kids turned my attention to them, but when the empty nest syndrome reared its welcome head, I went back to my hobby. It was still film back then and one day Husband gave me my first Digital Camera -- a great but frightening advancement. Took a while to wean me off film, but I do most of my photography digitally now...the Medium Format camera and Scala film still get my attention at times.

I like to think I shoot Ďout of the box,í my favorite term for what I try to do: out of the box of usual scenery. I like to concentrate on pieces of the whole, isolate a section to show its uniqueness. Then there are the wide-angled views of nature before me. I donít often put people in my shots; they are there only on a whim.

When I get a shot I like, itís hard to recompose and take another image.











Brandon Knott



















Big O





Cinched Up




















Cherry O Bowl
































Crashing Wave


































Group with Face Jar





Medium O































Brandon Knott

Artist's Statement





My philosophy on pottery is to keep it simple as much as possible, to not overthink my craft utilizing clay and fire. I enjoy making good, honest, clean, forms, mostly on the potter's wheel, that I sometimes alter and make additions to in order to gain greater variation. I strive for richness in my pottery surfaces that can be patterned and highlighted with slips, and then I dip, spray, use accent glazes, and glass so the surface achieves lots of complex variation. I strive to make pots for people to use in their everyday lives. The best compliment any customer can give me is to let me know that they use my work in their daily rituals.