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Reception for the artist

Friday, November 20, 5:00-7:00 pm









Philosophy on Ceramics

Ceramics is an artistic medium which has near limitless potential, is unique to its maker, and is extremely personal for its owner. Pottery inherently invites you to pick it up, to find a purpose for it even if that purpose is different than the potter intended, and cherish its individuality. Whether a piece is solely functional in purpose, sculptural, or simply pleasing to the eye, ceramics holds a unique place in the world of art as one of the few you can physically interact with on a personal level.


Artist's Statement

I choose to make handmade stoneware pottery, both functional and decorative, fired in either a wood-fired kiln or a salt kiln. Both firing styles provide a natural look, either through melted ash runs, crusty ash accumulation, flame markings, or the light sheen of a salt glaze. The firing process accentuates the forms which are often altered, faceted, or  indented. Many of the pieces I make, if not intended as functional, are still based on a vessel form. I am working to develop glazes that I feel complement each piece, even though I prefer to use as little glaze as possible so that the firing process can also decorate the forms. My hope is that you will be inspired to feel the many textures, study the layers of color and nuances as they shift around the form, and enjoy the purpose they may have in your life.


Artist Information

My pottery studio and home is located near Mechanicsburg, Ohio in Champaign County. Although I have been an official business for only two years, I have been making pots since I was introduced to it as a junior in high school. I attended Ohio Northern University where I studied ceramics and earned a B.F.A. degree in 1998. I am currently a Stay-at-Home Dad with a son who is almost five and a baby girl of two months. Finding time to make pots these last few years has been a challenge, but I make what I can and try to fire the wood kiln at least once a year and the salt kiln two or three times a year.

To date, I have sold my work only at local art show venues including The Art Affair on the Square and Oktoberfest both located in Urbana, Ohio. This art show at the ArtZone Gallery of ArtSpace Lima is my first solo art show as a professional potter. My pottery can also be seen online at www.longpondpottery.com.


















Indented Vase






lidded box












faceted Vase