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The ArtSpace/Lima

Photography Club

Annual Juried Exhibition -- 2010






The ArtSpace/Lima Photography Club

Annual Juried Exhibition

January 8 - February 20, 2010






JANUARY 8, 6:30 pm


Jodi Knoch

Washed in Blackness









1st place Alice Schneider




1st place Dorothyann Strange



Black and White

1st place Beth Basista

'Textured Dunes'



1st place Alice Schneider

'Mesa Arch Sunrise'



1st place Darryl L. Moody

'Sixty and Over'



1st place Beth Basista

'Mountain Sorrel'



1st place Dorothyann Strange

'The Calling'


Special Effects

1st place Dena Martz

'Poetry in Motion'


Still Life

1st place Krisztina Kedmenec

'Turn Up the Volume'












For a printable copy of the complete Catalogue in pdf format,

please click Catalogue 2010.pdf








Best of Show





Beth Basista

Windswept Resilience





Dena Martz

Poetry in Motion


Lima News

Photojournalism Award


First Place

Special Effects








Darius Isenbarger



Lima News

Photojournalism Award








Beth Basista

Textured Dunes


Husky Refinery Award

Best Black and White









Beth Basista

Mountain Sorrel


Husky Refinery Award

Best Color









Alice Schneider



Club Merit Award


Diane O'Brien Nature Award


First Place







Alice Schneider

Mesa Arch Sunrise


Council for the Arts

Best Composition Award


First Place









Dorothyann Strange



First Place









Dorothyann Strange

The Calling


First Place







Daryl Moody

Sixty and Over



First Place








Garth Beatty

The Old Alley



Otterbein Senior Award







Alyssa Martz

Two of a Kind



Best of Show

Youth Division







For a printable copy of the Prospectus in pdf format,

please click Prospectus 2010.pdf




2010 ArtSpace/Lima Photography Club Juried Exhibition


January 8 through February 20, 2010

Hosted by ArtSpace/Lima

65-67 Town Square, Lima, Ohio 45801


See below for FAQs.


Eligibility: Any photographer may submit up to seven photographs, but only two per category. An explanatory note can be attached to the back to let the judges know of your category selection. The original photograph, not the print, must have been taken in the last five years. No photographs previously exhibited in ArtSpace/Lima will be eligible. This includes the winners and entries in the Lima News Annual Amateur Contest. Only one image per frame and no names, labels or logos can be visible on the front of the entry. [See FAQ below.]


Framing and Size requirements: Photographs must be in a wood or metal frame with a sturdy wire hanger attached to the frame. Frames are to be enclosed on all four sides. Screw eyes or metal eyes attached to the frame are required: no saw tooth hangers, one-hole hangers or D-rings attached to cardboard are allowed.


The minimum size for a visible Photograph is 16 United Inches [add one width and one length = United Inches = UI]. There is no upper limit. Entries not meeting the above standards will be disqualified. Ask at Registration if in doubt. [See FAQ below.]


Registration: Entries will be registered Dec. 12 and 13, 2009 from 1 pm – 5 pm at ArtSpace/Lima. There is a limit of 7 photos and not more than 2 per category. There is a non-refundable fee of $4 per entry for Photography Club Members and $6 per entry for non-members. Make checks payable to ‘ArtSpace/Lima Photography Club’. Self-addressed stamped envelop please for notification. If unable to enter on this weekend, alternate arrangements must be made with ArtSpace/Lima, but all entries must be in ArtSpace/Lima by Sunday Dec. 13th at 5 PM. No late entries can be accepted.

** In case of inclement weather please call 419-999-1676 or 419-224-4414 for more information. [See FAQ] Registration Forms must be filled out legibly and completely and the photograph must be clearly marked on the back lower left with the photographer’s name, category, title and price of the work. Remove old labels please.


Judging and Reception: This is a Juried exhibit; entry does not guarantee exhibition.  This year’s jurors are Michael Ayres and Ken Katowick (detail in FAQ on the website). Jurors’ decisions are final. A reception will be held for artists and friends Jan 8, 2010 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Awards at 7:30 pm.


Sales: These are handled by ArtSpace/Lima and there is a commission of 30%. Entry will be considered by ArtSpace/Lima as a contract and agreement to these terms.


Pick-up: Works not accepted can be picked up during normal business hours at ArtSpace/Lima. Accepted work can be removed only after Feb. 20 from ArtSpace/Lima. All entries must be picked up by June 1, 2010. If not claimed by June 1, 2010, entries will become the property of ArtSpace/Lima unless other arrangements have been made.


Liability: All possible care will be taken in the handling of artwork, but neither ArtSpace/Lima nor the ArtSpace/Lima Photography Club will be held responsible for loss or damage. ArtSpace/Lima reserves the right to reproduce any photograph for purposes of publicity or documentation.




[No more than 2 entries per category, maximum of 7 entries]


Animal – Domestic or wild including insects.

Architecture – A view of any constructed man-made structure.

Black and White – Any subject.

Landscape – A cityscape, seascape, or other view of outdoor scenery.

Miscellaneous – Works that do not fit into any other category, but you may not enter a photo in this category if it could be entered into one of the regular categories [see FAQ below.]

Plants – Domestic or wild.

Portrait - A likeness of a person or persons.

Special Effects – Any manipulation, digital or manual, that produces an imaginary effect. [See FAQ below.]

Still Life – Any purposeful placement of elements in the composition by the photographer.

Youth – any subject for those 17 years and younger.






Best in Show $150

ArtSpace/Lima Photography Club Merit Award

[Club Members only] $75

Husky Lima Refinery Best Color Award $75

Husky Lima Refinery Best Black and White Award $75

Lima News Best Photojournalism Award $50 (Three awards)

Council for the Arts Award for Best Composition $50

Otterbein Senior Award

[62 years or older by Open House Date] $50

Dianne O’Brien Nature Award [Club Members only] $50

First Place in each Category $50

Second Place in each Category $25

Youth Award – places and amounts TBA

For other questions – kilroi@hotmail.com

Or newknoch@bright.net








2010 ArtSpace/Lima Photography Club




Eligibility =

            Adults 18 years of age and older are eligible to enter.  Our Youth Division is for those 17 years and younger by the Open House date.  Youth Division has its own awards. There is no geographical limit in either division.

            ‘No names on the front of the photo/mat’ – a tape will be applied over the name.  Winners of the Lima News Contest cannot submit their photos into the Photography Club contest.


Judges =

             Michael Ayres of Lima is WPPI's International Photographer of the year.  He is an award-winning wedding photographer and  has lectured to more than 40,000 photographers across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe.  Ken Katowick has been a photographer since 1963.  In 1965, he attended the Famous Photography School.  He specializes in landscape, pet, aviation, astronomy, and automotive photography.


Framing and Size Requirement =

United Inches =

            This is a way to measure your photograph.  Add one long edge with one short edge to equal the United Inches.  Therefore an 8 X 12 photograph equals 20 United Inches {UI}.  This applies to the visible photograph.


D-rings =

            These are round, semi-round, D-shaped or Triangle shaped metal attachments at the back of the frame to allow for hanging from a wall.  You cannot submit these frames with a wire attached between them.  They come apart and can let the photo fall from the wall.  Only screw eyes or mirror attachments that are attach to the wooden or metal frame itself will be allowed.

            Unstable frames will also be excluded. If you have any questions, please ask at Registration before you submit your photos.  We will not have any hardware available.


Registration =

Inclement weather

            If Registration has to be cancelled on one of the weekend days, arrangements will be made for Registration to continue until Monday, Dec.14, 2009 from 9 am to 2 pm.  In extreme conditions, alternate dates will be announced on the website and on the emergency phone numbers 419 -999-1676 or 419-224-4414.  Judging and final date of acceptance may also be adjusted.


Notification of Exhibit results =

            All notifications will go out to you by mail via the self-addressed stamped envelop 2 days after judging is complete.  Please do not call ArtSpace.


E-mail =

            We do not keep your e-mail address nor do we give it to anyone else.  We only use it to notify you if you won a first place/special award and the Director of ArtSpace/Lima needs a JPG image for inclusion on the ArtSpace/Lima website. 


Category Notes  =

Special Effects-

            Due to the nature of digital photography, converting color images into other forms  of display does not merit the photo being entered into the ‘Special Effect’ Category – only further amending the image to produce an imaginary effect will constitute a ‘Special Effect’. As an example = keeping a tree green while all around is a black and white image should be entered into the ‘Special Effect’ Category

            So you may submit a Black and White, Sepia, Infra-red, etc. image into any category as long as no other manipulation has produced an imaginary effect.


HDR – High Dynamic Range =

            This is a combination of several images of the same scene at different exposures.  The images are blended together to create a more natural look or a manipulated look in a computer program.  The combining of images this way puts the photo into the ‘Special Effects’ Category.


Extreme Focus – Helicon Focus =

            This is a combination of several images of the same scene with the focus point gradually moved and then combined in a computer program.  The combining of images this way puts the photo into the ‘Special Effects’ Category.


Miscellaneous Category =

            This category is for any subject not addressed in the other category definitions. You cannot submit a third subject if you have already entered two into another category.  EX: A third ‘Still Life’ will not be accepted if two ‘Still Life’ photos have been entered into the ‘Still Life’ category.  A single ‘Still Life’ will not be accepted into this category when it should be in the ‘Still Life’ category.


Claiming Photographs:

            Entries not accepted can be claimed at ArtSpace/Lima during normal business hours. Entries that are accepted can be claimed at the end of the Exhibit during normal business hours


**** for any questions please contact Alice at kilroi@hotmail.com