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Welcome, everybody, to the ArtSpace annual Membership and Member Appreciation Meeting.  This is the space where we glance back at the year just passed and try to give an accounting of ourselves.










2016-2017 was a busy and productive year for ArtSpace, as we’ve tried to document in the brochure.  We paid attention to our core exhibit mission, mounting 12 discrete exhibits in our three galleries (and three more in ArtZone as extensions of shows in the Ellen Nelson Gallery).  As has become our custom, we opened the year with the Photography Club’s Annual Juried Exhibit, followed by the Kewpee Invitational, Spring Show and ArtSpace/Pops, to which we added Landscape/Cityscape (a gathering of works by nineteen artists from around the state) and the very well-received Chris Leeper solo exhibit.  This year, for the first time, we moved our annual holiday sale, Home for the Holidays, into the Ellen Nelson Gallery for a better, more professionally mounted show.


To these we added exhibits of the contest winners of the Johnny Appleseed Nature Photography Contest and all of the submitted photographs in the Lima News Photography Contest.


In fulfillment of our Education mission, we offered classes in the fall, winter, and spring quarters, as well as another edition of Kids Summer Art Camp.  We also continued the Soup and Salad Lecture series with two illustrated lectures on British art by Mary Ann Sullivan.











And, of course, we did Rally in the Square.  We think of the Rallies as the center of our Special Events mission:  15 weeks of community-centered summer concerts in the heart of Downtown Lima.  As a community-building series, the Rallies are more than they appear, with consequences and impact well beyond what they seem on paper.


The State of (the) ArtSpace brochure also notes some of the ways we work to get the word out to our audience and the general public.  Methods include the website, the Quarterly Newsletter, and our contribution to In Sync.  What’s not there are the press releases, email announcements, postcards, Facebook postings, etc., all of which function to keep us on the local radar.


Along the way, we participated in the Husky Bike Rack project spearheaded by Mike Huffman, and on a very practical level, installed two new HVAC systems to replace the aging units that were well past their prime, financed by contributors responding to our call for emergency funding.












Volunteer of the Year 2017

Robert B. Fitzgerald






I continue to think that one of the most telling comments on the workings of any organization is “It takes a village . . . .”  Think of the sometimes endless-seeming credits at the end of any movie you’ve seen and you get the idea.  We’ve listed in the brochure some of the key players who keep ArtSpace functioning on a day-to-day basis, but there are numerous others who help in multiple ad hoc ways, stepping up as needed to offer their talents, time, and expertise, or to offer financial support.


One of that number is Bob Fitzgerald, whose devotion to the organization over the years has been unmatched.  ArtSpace is proud to award Bob the 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award.


To all, our thanks for keeping the vision alive and the organization working.








For a printable copy of The State of the (Art)Space 2016-2017 brochure, please click here:

STATE OF THE ARTSPACE 2016-2017\State of the ArtSpace 2016-2017.pdf