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On August 25, ArtSpace/Lima held its annual Membership and Member Appreciation Meeting.


Here is a short version of the reports that Kay and I gave for the year 2015-2016. 


Also, in the course of the evening, we presented the First Annual Volunteer of the Year Award to

Beverly Miller.  For a printable copy of the publication The State of (the) ArtSpace, please click here:


The State of (the) ArtSpace 2015-2016.pdf




2015-2016 was another solid year in the history of ArtSpace, with a full budget of events and exhibits, made all the more special because, as you probably know, in 2015, we celebrated 60 years as an incorporated non-profit organization.  The climactic (some have said, “historic”) event of the year-long series of celebratory events was A Day and an Evening with the Rockwells – a once-in-a-lifetime showing of six original Norman Rockwell paintings which had never been exhibited together anywhere, ever, outside the corporate offices of Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati.  The number of people involved in the planning and execution of this extraordinary event was huge, and a thank-you list of names would exhaust your patience.  But there’s a photograph in The State of (the) ArtSpace brochure which identifies some of the chief principals.  ArtSpace is forever in their debt.


But we also did a number of other remarkable exhibits last year, including On Loan, a stunning collection of pieces from eleven local collectors; Furnishing the Suite in collaboration with artists of the Columbus College of Art and Design;  Mike Huffman: Till Now, a collection of 31 recent works by one of Lima’s most prominent artists; and Making My Way, a retrospective of the stuff-of-legends 40-year ceramics career of Gregg Luginbuhl.


And we mounted exhibits in ArtZone and at the St. Rita’s Medical Center mezzanine gallery, adding to the execution of the Exhibits plank of our mission statement.










Under the Education plank, we offered classes in various media throughout the year, and we again hosted a Summer Art Camp, all  staffed by our very special, experienced, and award-winning faculty.  To those we added a new series of Soup and Salad Lectures by Mary Ann Sullivan in March and a series of three international receptions which we called Tasting Other Worlds.


In the Events category, pride of place goes to Rally in the Square, celebrating its 27th year in 2016.   Expertly, efficiently, and (to the naked eye) effortlessly managed, indeed choreographed, by Kay Van Meter, aided and abetted by a small army of helpers and stagers, the Rally continues as a community tradition which gives life to downtown Lima for 15 weeks of the summer season.  It remains our chief fund-raiser.  In the same category, we again hosted a holiday-season art sale, Home for the Holidays, a buy-local and support-your-local-artist venue which enjoys enthusiastic support.









Of course, we continued to issue our Quarterly Newsletter and to coordinate and edit In Sync, the Bulletin of the Arts and Entertainment Partnership (including Encore Theatre, the Lima Symphony, Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center, the Lima City Schools, and ArtSpace).  Somewhat surprisingly, given the short lifespans of many publications, In Sync will publish and distribute its 11th edition (over a six-year span) this coming fall, a tribute to the cooperative behavior of the major arts organizations in the city.  The ArtSpace website is also alive and well.  And our Facebook page continues to afford us the ability to promote ourselves to a large contingent of followers.


Finally, this is where we offer our thanks to everyone who helped ArtSpace thrive in the past year:  to our members, staff, volunteers, the Board of Trustees, our contributors, donors, sponsors, and everyone else who shares the vision and the mission of ArtSpace.  As we like to say, we couldn’t (and wouldn’t) do it without you.












It is with the greatest pleasure and the deepest gratitude that ArtSpace names

Beverly Miller its Volunteer of the Year for 2016.











For a printable copy of the report in pdf format


click here:


The State of (the) ArtSpace 2015-2016.pdf