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With a collection of more than 3000 original illustrations by the top children’s book artists, The University of Findlay’s Mazza Museum is home to one of the foremost such collections in the world. Within its walls, the museum-goer sees displayed both the original artwork and a copy of the book edition in which it appears or first appeared.

Mazza bills itself as "the first and largest teaching museum in the world, specializing in original artwork from picture books. Its mission is to promote literacy through its educational programs and to collect, exhibit and preserve original art from children’s books." From its modest beginnings in 1982 to its present world-class status, the Mazza collection has sought, not simply to amass work, but to use it as a teaching tool.

Now, a significant portion of that collection comes to ArtSpace/Lima’s Ellen Nelson Gallery in an exhibit to run from September 14 through October 27. The art was selected to give the viewer an eclectic collection, highlighting a variety of media and styles as well as time periods.

Eight Caldecott Award winners, including Marcia Brown, Gerald McDermott and David Diaz, will have original artwork in the exhibit, as well as other popular artists such as Steven Kellogg and Denise Brunkus. Parents may recognize other artists who have visited area schools and personally autographed books for their children.

Treasures from the Mazza Museum opens Friday, September 14 with a public reception from 6:30-8:30 pm.





In the Ellen Nelson Gallery


A Selection