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Beauty of Japan:

Culture and Art





Lima/Harima-cho Sister Cities in ArtZone

July--August 2009







"The Lima Sister Cities Association was formed in 1995 to establish sister city relationships with one or more foreign cities, to promote greater understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures, and to celebrate Lima's growing participation in a global community.


"Through the exchange of information, the development of personal relationships among representatives of the cities, and wide public attention to the culture and economy of our sister cities, Lima aims to foster a bond between these cities that extends across the full social, racial, and economic spectrums of our communities.


"Thanks to the hard work of the Japan Committee, the formal linking of Lima with

Harima-cho, Japan, became a reality in 1999.  Since then, several Japanese delegations have visited our community, and many Lima officials and Sister Cities Association members have visited there.  To date, over 300 people have participated in these exchanges.  And as we continue to broaden our involvement with Harima-cho, our second decade of friendship dawns bright."




ArtSpace/Lima is delighted to welcome this exhibition of Japanese art and artifacts into the ArtZone Gallery for the months of July and August, 2009.



















Lima Sister Cities Association


President  Mary Buckley

Vice-President  Dick Smallwood

Treasurer  Barry Berlin

Secretary  Ardath Sunderland

Ex-Officio  Mayor David D. Berger


Committee Chairs, Japan


Keiko Hahn

Sandra Liechty





Beauty of Japan:

Culture and Art

in the

ArtZone Gallery















Decorative Vase














Dojoji Dancer



Awa Dancers (Bamboo)













Photograph of Japanese Armor








Bronze Lantern Panel




Lady with a Samisen











Waka Poem

(Wall Hanging)



General Gallery View













Black Kimono



Rose Kimono































Ivory Kimono



Kannon, Goddess of Mercy