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June 16 -- July 28, 2007

When he's not whipping up his inventive hors d'oeuvres for an ArtSpace/Lima opening, when he's not prowling the Ellen Nelson Gallery with a carpenter's level in hand, having just about completed the hanging of a major exhibit, when he's not teaching a class in oil painting, when he's not supervising (i.e., arranging and hanging art) the multiple art spaces in St. Rita's Medical Center, David Cottrell finds time to do art.  Lately, the project has been a series of serene landscapes, with geographics ranging from the near at hand (Ohio) to the somewhat farther off (Nebraska) to the well-distanced (Florence, Italy).  The full set of David's landscapes can be seen until July 28 in the ArtZone Gallery.

Remains of a Great Town

Hilltop Home

Platt Vista

An Alger Estate