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In the Ellen Nelson Gallery


Harry Melroy


"The Gardener's Journal"

Colored Pencil

44" x 66"


"Locked in the Attic"


September 22 - November 9


Opening Reception,

Saturday, September 22

6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Free and open to the public.







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Professional Development Lecture Series







Images from the Opening Reception of


SEPTEMBER 22, 2007







With an undergraduate degree from Ohio Northern University and an MFA from Northern Illinois

University, Harry Melroy teaches junior high school art at Mohawk Local School District in Sycamore,

Ohio.  He has also taught art at the University of Findlay and at Tiffin University.  He has exhibited

recently at the Sculpture Center in Cleveland, at the Toledo Museum of Art, at the University of

Minnesota/Morris, and at the Mansfield Art Center.  In May, 2003, he won the Sculpture Award in

ArtSpace/Lima's Spring Show.


Here is a sampling of Harry Melroy's works, along with commentary from the artist.

"My subject matter comes from many places.  Stories of the macabre and fantastic have interested me since childhood.  I grew up spellbound by science fiction and horror films.  Some people find it strange that my preference in reading material has almost always been non-fiction (biographical, historical, scientific, etc.).  It is from this blend of influences that I draw my scenes of surreal images and detached logic."

"Bouncing Forever on the Red Sidewalk"


3' x 4'

"While I never consider what meaning the imagery may have, I'm certain there is a reason for all the subject selection.  No artist, in any medium, works in  a totally random fashion or simply pulls things out of nowhere.  Nothing comes from a vacuum, imagined or otherwise.  While some viewers are troubled by these paintings and drawings that seem to make no sense, I am very comfortable with all the ambiguity that rally helps to define the work.  I really want people to be able to say, "I like the work, even if I don't get it or understand it."

"Mixed Signal"


16" x 20"

"My use of color reflects the theories of many 20th century artists, including the fauves and color-field painters.  I like to manipulate color (make it warm or cool, light or dark, intense or muted) in order to created passages and patterns that help to unify areas and also lead the viewer through the composition.  Color can be used to create dynamic effects (OP art for instance) and also to achieve great visual harmony."

"Cup of Dreams"


11" x 14"




"Stylistically, each piece begins as lines and shapes on a flat surface, arranged in what I consider to be a visually pleasing order.  Even though deep space may be implied, the integrity of the flat design must be maintained throughout the entire creative process."

"Fear of Valet Parking"


12" x 12"


Backyard Academy

Cactus Cruiser


Bugman Contemplates Mechanical Fusion

Canyon Copy Settle the Score



Classical Shootist Colony

Chicken Shrine