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Opening reception Friday, November 2

from 6:30-8:30 pm.







This all-media exhibit celebrates our
industrial heritage as interpreted and
rendered by 14 accomplished artists.

The focus of the exhibit is on the multiple ways in

which artists interpret, envision, or relate to the notion

of industry, manufacturing, and agribusiness--through subject matter,

form, materials, or processes. Representational or

abstract work welcome. All media are eligible,

including but not limited to oil and acrylic, watercolor,

ceramics, photography, and small sculpture.



Sponsored by



Husky Energy

Lima, Ohio





In the Ellen Nelson Gallery








Best of Show







Ericka Walker


Become, 2011


4-color Lithograph










Jurors' Award #1






Bill Heinemeier

Tank Scaffold, 2012









Jurors' Award #2






Colin Hester


The Machine, 2012


B&W Photograph














Michael Ahren


Industrial Dreams, 2288, 2012


Brass, copper, lead, resin, acrylic, wood









James Bailey


Untitled, 2011
















Michael Basista


Not Hidden by Nature, 2011
















Joseph A. Bonifas


The Merits of Hard Work, 2012


Forged Steel











Neal Harmon


Unintended Consequences of Industry,




Mixed Media, found objects











Moira Law


The Color of Gold, 2011


Photograph/digital art











Anita Lehman


Historical Marker for a Future Time,
















John Rausch


Fossil Fuel Pumps, 2011













Alice Schneider


Death Valley Mine Car, 2011















Erick von Hoffmann


Patriot, 2010


  Oil on canvas















John Vinklarek


Cycles, 2012
















jurors' statements



Most of us consider the works in any given show both individually and collectively – but I hope that our selection of Industrial Ohio compels you to also interact with these works comparatively. As a juror I found many intriguing associations and relationships that I hope visitors take the time to discover and consider.  These image relationships allow us to investigate the commonality of industry and agriculture from a variety of visual and conceptual viewpoints.  The push and pull of subject proximity facilitates multiple examinations of surface and space. The juxtaposition of quiet sensory observations to boldly delivered abstraction forces us to acknowledge material and meaning. From the rumbling serenity of Colin Hester’s “The Machine”, to Ericka Walker’s proudly articulated propaganda series – “Labor”, “Deeds”, Become” – each piece was chosen for its individual merit as well as its contribution to the larger context of industrial and agricultural impact on the landscape and our lives.


Tamara Peterson

Associate Professor, Foundation Studies

Columbus College of Art and Design


Every artist, whether fine, performing, or literary, functions from within the attributes of faith and courage - faith in the quality and value of their work and courage in their willingness to submit that work to the jury process. In the same way, the juror also functions from within these attributes - faith in their ability to see and understand the quality and value of the artist's submissions and courage to willingly accept the work that best fits within the prescribed exhibition theme and reject work that does not fit even when that work may well possess artistic merit.  The work we chose for this exhibition best fits the industrial theme while leaving room for personal interpretation of that theme.


Shawn Morin

Professor, School of Art

Bowling Green State University






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