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65-67 Town Square        Lima, OH 45801        419-222-1721           artspacelima@woh.rr.com










65-67 Town Square

Lima, OH 45801




December 10, 2013


With Thanksgiving just passed, we at ArtSpace are reminded of the many things we have to be grateful for.  As a continuing member, you are high on the list.  In a very real sense, as our slogan had it some years back, “You are ArtSpace.”  Yes, the Board of Trustees, the staff and volunteers, all the people who offer their support are also important elements in the organization.  But your place is special:  As a continuing member of ArtSpace, you are foundational.  Your commitment and your loyalty have been one of the chief foundations on which we base our programming.  Your role as a member is vital to our ability to meet the goals of our mission:  to provide the community with excellence in exhibitions, educational opportunities, and special community events.  Thanks for sharing those goals. 


The mission provides the goals.  The daily reality provides the execution.  With a full exhibit schedule, including what was called “the most beautiful exhibit ArtSpace has ever featured” (The Other Side of the Earth:  Chun Arthur Wang); with classes for kids and adults, including what has become one of our most popular educational offerings, the Summer Art Camp; and with events like the Rally and Jazz at the Greenhouse  --  with all of these, we work to implement the mandates of the mission.  In effect, your mandates. 


One thing you know as a continuing member is that ArtSpace membership is on an annual basis.  That’s why I’m writing now to ask that you renew your membership for the calendar year 2014.  By renewing, you do several things:  you go on record as continuing to support the ArtSpace mission, you help fund that mission, and, not least, you provide the moral support that makes our efforts worthwhile.  With those as the results of your renewal, it’s easy to see how vital it is to the organization’s health and well-being.


This year, renewal is easier than ever:  sign up online below, or, of course, the traditional way is also an option:  the brochure enumerates all the options and perks.


Thank you for all you’ve done for ArtSpace in the past, including but not limited to your membership commitment.   With your continuing support, we can hope to do better and better things in the months and years to come.






Bill Sullivan

Operations Manager






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