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Andrei Rabodzeenko:

A Survey of Paintings, Sculptures and Works on Paper

From the Past Fifteen Years


Wrong wind

48" x 60", oil on canvas



June 7-July 19



Opening reception Saturday, June 7, 6:00 -- 9:00 pm.



Artist's Statement





My paintings don't express concrete situations. They are an attempt to connect with the unreachable, subtle side of being, something that is beyond a verbal vocabulary. When the connection happens I express it through colors, lines and images. This expression may be described as a careful preservation of a spiritual state. Explaining such painting is an unnecessary challenge. My titles are the answer to this challenge, more like a paying respect to a tradition with a twist of irony, humor or sarcasm. That's why they sound absurd. But they serve the purpose -- to throw the viewer away from the concrete perception of the painting, to create an empty space where the subtle will have a chance to be born. My viewers have to be relaxed in terms of not seeking for an immediate answer. The subtle can't be born and can't survive in the reality of concrete questions and immediate answers.





Photo Album



The Set-up (Photos by Jenny Rabodzeenko)



The Exhibit (Photos by Jenny Rabodzeenko)




The Opening Reception




The Video


Please click here The Maestro.wmv and here The Maestro 2.wmv for video of

Andrei playing the Big Tin Lute at the Opening Reception

The Website


For an extensive set of images of the works of Andrei Rabodzeenko,

please visit his website at www.rabodzeenko.com